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The DVD of the interview was a fabulous success.  I took dinner over to Mom and Dad's house last night and after dinner, we all gathered in the den and watched the DVD.  It was just wonderful.  Mom and Dad were so very pleased. They were so cute together at the end and both, I think, looked very relaxed in front of the camera. I cannot thank you enough.  This will be a real family treasure for us. - C. Walker

You do a great job. You knew just what to ask and how to help Dad tell his story. Happy customers all around. - S. Casey

I'm so glad we got this as a gift for my mother.  Before you interviewed her, she thought that her story would not be considered particularly memorable.  She was surprised at how you were able to bring out memories she hadn't thought about in years and the interview helped show her and all of us, the interesting turns her life took.  - B. Klein  

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